Power Tees Now At Bel Air Golf Center





Bel Air Golf Now Has POWER TEE.  It is an awesome golf ball hitting and practice experience. The power tee is an automated tee system that reloads a golf ball automatically every time you strike the ball off the tee or mat.  It will give you the opportunity to focus on your Posture, Stance, Grip, Aim and Alignment and the things that really matter in your golf swing. One of the most exciting benefits that has been found is the POWER TEE helps to build great rhythm and timing in your swing. It is definitely a positive practice aid.  We are very excited to introduce this to Harford County and the surrounding area. 

The power tee is no extra charge. All you do is rent any bucket size and pour it into the hopper and away you go. You can hit irons and woods both and the POWER TEE will re-tee the ball for you automatically. You can also adjust the tee height to suit your individual needs. 

We have received nothing but positive feedback from our customers so far and many have said they will be hitting more times a week to work on their games. 

Come up and give it a try and we will be happy to explain how the POWER TEE works and explain it’s benefits and features. 

The POWER TEE is the LEADER IN GOLF RANGE AUTOMATION. It is currently in use at the Belfry, St. Andrews and Wentworth golf clubs in England and Scotland. 

In the coming weeks Jay Perkins, PGA Professional will be offering FREE clinics on the POWER TEE. There will be Senior Mens, Ladies and Open Clinics at different times of the week. Jay will help you understand how POWER TEE can improve your practice experience and at the same time give you tips on how to build more speed into your golf swing and focus on improving your ball striking. There will also be some chipping and pitching clinics to improve your short game. You are free to stop by the pro shop to sign up or call by phone and sign up. They are completely FREE of charge. We want you to improve your golf game and at the same time try out the new POWER TEE.