Early Spring Operating Hours Spring 2017

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  Late Spring 2017

Effective APRIL27th, 2017

We are open 7 Days 

Current Operating Hours  are as  follows:  Open 7 Days.  Open Daily at 10:00 AM  Sell Balls and Mini Golf Until 8:00 PM and Close by 8:30 PM.  As daylight hours increase and temperatures moderate we will continue to increase our operating hours. If you are coming to play mini golf in the evening, make sure you come at least 45 min earlier than we close to make sure you  can complete your round. Thank you!

Special Note***If inclement weather is forecast or exists in Spring please call our number in Pro Shop at 410-817-4653 and wait for message at end of rings to get current current operating hours for that day. Thank you!

  *******Weather conditions can effect the operating hours so please call the pro shop at 410-817-4653 and wait for announcement at the end of the regular rings to see what our hours will be for that day or for Special Holiday Operating Hours. Thank you.


Small Bucket – $7.00
Medium Bucket – $10.00
Large Bucket – $12.00

Driver and Metal Fairway Wood Club Rentals available for $5.00 Each.  We provide iron clubs FREE to use on the range.


*****Special******”Bel Air Golf Center Bonus Bucket Program”  This Program Card Saves Money for Regular Customers, Serious Players, Students Of Our PGA Professionals, Families and Gift Givers. You receive 3 FREE Buckets of Range Balls when you purchase 10 Buckets of a particular size. It is a great value, convenient and will save you money every time it is purchased. We highly recommend it if you are a regular of Bel Air Golf Center. It is a GREAT VALUE!!!! (Example: If you buy 10 MEDIUM BUCKETS@ $10.00 You receive a Bonus Bucket Card Value Of $130.00. Once you get the value on the card of $130.00 you can choose any size bucket you want each time you visit. )

******Senior Rate Special******  Senior Citizens (60 years and older) Receive $1.00 OFF Any Size Range Bucket During Weekdays (Mon.-Fri.) 10:00 AM To 4:00 PM. The special rate does not apply on Holidays or Weekends.  


Mini Golf Special:   MINI GOLF NOW $ 5.00 Per Person.  This includes Adults and Children. Everyday!!!! We recarpeted the mini golf late last summer and made some other improvements so come out and enjoy a great time at a great price.